Will This Be The Biggest Weekend In Sports History???

Many say this will be the biggest weekend in sports history. With so many things to watch this weekend, what are you most excited about?…



TIDAL has raised its monthly subscription prices for in-app purchases

Artist-owned Tidal‘s high-fidelity streaming music service has quietly increased its monthly subscription prices. TIDAL’s premium plan, which provides users with unlimited access to its library at a bitrate of 320 kbps,…


Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Review


You probably read my previous posts on the Kingdom Hearts games but this review will be about the whole package of the game. This game is the first of the collection to three well known Kingdom Hearts games: Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. The Final Mix version includes exclusive content that was added for the original game only in Japan, such as new weapons, abilities, and enemies. Each game is revamped with high quality resolution for the PS3 systems.


Unfortunately for players is the ability to play 358/2 days, rather than playing as Roxas and his time with the Organization XIII, you watch the cutscenes in a all new HD look as opposed to the DS version. Each game includes the trophy system so you can brag about the challenges you have accomplished like playing the game in proud mode or…

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Goodbye Internet Explore Hello Microsoft Edge


by AJ Adejare

Get ready to update that Web Browser-tans everyone.  Revealing the new name at BUILD 2015, Microsoft announed their new web browser.  Named Microsoft Edge, it is built on the EdgeHTML system and will be in all Windows 10 devices (that’s both mobile and desktop).   They will keep Internet Explorer for legacy use (i.e. enterprise) but this will surely allow animation fans to web browse without seeming weird for using Microsoft’s standard web browser.  But, as one Verge reader said, what will happen to Inori-chan, one of the anime characters that represents Microsoft.  We may have to have an idol duel to figure out who would win.

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Hulu wins ‘Seinfeld’ streaming rights

NEW YORK — Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer are coming to Hulu. The subscription-video-on-demand service announced Wednesday that it has agreed to a deal with Sony Pictures Television to bring every episode of “Seinfeld” to the service for the first time. Hulu, which will start streaming “Seinfeld” in June, said it will be showing the…


Sunrise For Jack Kerouac


3030 header 20150331-01

A poem for a poem I gave Jake the last inhale Watching the a willow tree in a cow pasture turn to gold in the Acidic sunrise of a July we tried for years to forget. The long streams of branch swaying in a breeze that bumped my gooses From collar bone to sternum Raised buttons of oooooh, of ahhhhh, Of push them, push them - - we will never get out of here if we don't move faster Before I fall apart Jake falls asleep against the wind Shielded dreaming of a riddle on a Popsicle stick His tiny fingers clutching it Jamming it into his mother’s wringing hands Asking her to just tell him what it means that he can longer read French (as I flip the tent stake Mallet around and around, leav ing bruises in the ground, wondering if it is God or my child I…

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