Crunchyroll Manga Adds Four Square Enix Titles

Lesley's Anime and Manga Corner

Crunchyroll Manga has announced it has acquired for manga licenses from Square Enix:

Author: Kozaki Yusuke
Synopsis: Summer, 20XX. Donyatsu, a cat-like chocolate-covered donut, and his buddies begin their chillaxed lives in an abandoned world. Where have the humans gone? What happened to this world? It’s the beginning of a laid-back sci-fi adventure full of mystery and wonder.

Aizawa-san Multiplies
Author: Seiichi Shiki
Synopsis: Expressionless and mysterious, Shino Aizawa is the fragile beauty in the class. She suddenly confesses her love to the main character, Souta Mizutani, but another Shino Aizawa appears thereafter… Twins…!? Or a doppelganger!? A fantasy romantic comedy by Seiichi Shiki, the creator of “Fujimura-kun Mates” begins here!!

Tales of Wedding Rings
Author: MAYBE
Synopsis: When Sato’s childhood friend Hime suddenly said good-bye, he chased after her and found himself in a fantasy world!! There Sato married Hime and became the legendary hero, the Ring King!!

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