Anime Expo in 1 week!!

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Finally, the time of cons is upon us! And up next is Anime Expo in California! ffffssfwfrwgThis’ll actually be my first time attending and I’m pretty excited and it’s my first 4 day con ever! Ah, the fun will be extended


Like before, I’ll be rooming with some people, however, the hotel is about a mile away so I have to think of what I’m going to do about transportation late at night. I know our roommate offered to give us rides (because they’re driving) but I’m not sure if that’ll be an inconvenience.

Anyways, Anime Expo will be taking place on July 2nd to the 5th, however, because I like to go out I’ll actually be staying in California until the 7th! This gives me two extra days to explore and already on my list of to-do is Kinokuniya shopping! I went to one last year during my stay…

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