Anime Review: Gourmet Girl Graffiti

The True Lystria

They say that cooking is an art. Taste won’t matter much if it doesn’t look appetizing, and presentation combines all the ingredients in a masterful way that only the cook can conjure. But for the girls in this series, cooking is more than just an art. It is an expression of love for friends and family. And when it comes time to be with loved ones, nothing seems more satisfying than sharing those moments over a good meal.

But not to worry. This is also a comedy series! And just as I can’t forget the delicious eye candy (and I mean the food, damn pervs) that whets my appetite every time I watch this series, I also can’t forget that these girls do silly things just to get through life. In fact, it is the combination of mild humor and turning meals into works of art that makes this series…

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