TOWER RECORDS Shinjuku Weekly Anime Song TOP 10 November 2-8 “Love Live!” new single stays on top for two weeks in a row

The TOWER RECORDS Shinjuku store in Tokyo has announced the weekly TOP 10 anime singles/albums for the week of November 2-8. Last Week’s number one single “HEART to HEART!,” VA unit μ’s’ latest collaboration single for smartphone game “Love Live! School Idol Festival,” again took the top place in the 44th week. It also still ranked 10th in the Oricon weekly single chart, and has sold 79,590 units in total. Very close second was voice actress Yui Horie’s 19th single “Asymmetry,” the OP theme song for for the K Return of Kings TV anime.

Weekly Top 10 Ranking (November 2-8, 2015)

1 (1). “HEART to HEART!”

μ’s (smartphone game Love Live! School Idol Festival collaboration single)

2 (new). “Asymmetry”

Yui Horie (19th single/K Return of Kings OP)

3 (new). “Little*Lion*Heart”

Ayana Taketatsu (7th single/Lance N’ Masques ED)

4 (new). “Hero”

Daisuke Ono (8th single)

4 (new/along with “Hero”). “Fuantei na Kamisama”

Suara (11th single/Utawarerumono: The False Faces OP)

6 (new). “Bright Canary”

Yuikaori (3rd album)


7 (new). “Dream Trigger”

Pile (3rd single/World Trigger 3rd OP)

8 (7). “Splatoon ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK -Splatune-“

Wii U game soundtrack album

9 (8). “Shoegazer”

Eir Aoi (11th single)

10 (-). “THE HERO!! ~Ikareru Kobushi ni Hi wo Tsukero~”

JAM Project (60th single/One-Punch Man OP)

* all of the CMs/MVs in this article are legitimately posted on YouTube by the copyright holders/distributors.


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