FunPix Easy to Use, Adds Bonus Borders

FunPix Easy to Use, Adds Bonus Borders

Most likely a plan all along, those who invest in the unlimited picture FunPix day pass ($29.99) or unlimited picture FunPix season pass ($39.99) now have even more options to capture park memories on their next visit. Unveiled for 2016, park goers at Cedar Fair’s top five theme parks [Cedar Point, Kings Island, Carowinds, Canada’s Wonderland, and Knott’s Berry Farm] have the option to purchase an unlimited photo pass for the day or, in the case of season pass holders, for the entire season. For the season pass version, the QR Code on the back of the 2016 season pass that gets the park goers into the park links right to their FunPix account, streamlining  their season-long connection to their best photo memories.

Easily Add Ride Photos

If you are like me, you like to capture those great memories on the best roller coasters out there. After each roller coaster ride, many people crowd around the screens in the photo area of the exit gift shop to look at their ride photos. Some are there to purchase their photos while many are not. FunPix pass holders have two easy ways to add their ride photos to their FunPix account. First, the pass holder can look at the screens above the park employees and then hand the park employee their FunPix pass to have the ride photo added to the account. Second, and possibly even more convenient, the FunPix pass holder can walk up to the self-service kiosk, scan the FunPix pass, find the ride photo, and add it. The entire process takes less than one minute, and then guests can move along to their next favorite attraction.

Beyond Ride Photos

In the past, many parks offered some sort of deal on the ride photos throughout a given day, but that deal did not include the photos that the park photographers took at the front of the park. In fact, there were cases where some parks ran two different photo systems – they ran the ride photos and potentially outsourced the picture-taking out at the front of the park. These systems rarely communicated with one another, and that left park guests a bit frustrated at times. Now, Cedar Fair’s new system makes capturing these memories easier than ever. To get professional photographs taken in the front of the park, FunPix pass holders just have to show their pass to the photographer, and the photos they take will be uploaded right to that park goer’s FunPix account.

A Bit of a Bonus…

While the FunPix platform is new to theme parks like Knott’s Berry Farm and Carowinds, FunPix pass holders are able to snap a few pictures right from within the FunPix section of the theme park’s smartphone app. During a recent visit to Knott’s Berry Farm during their wonderful and delicious Boysenberry Festival, we saw some placards telling park guests to use the Knott’s smartphone app and scan the QR code for additional borders. What a great idea. So, not only can you get unlimited professional photos and ride photos added to a FunPix account, but park guests can even add photos that they take. Here’s how it works:

(1) Open theme park app (in our case, it was the Knott’s Berry Farm Android app)


(2) Look in the dropdown menu for the “My FunPix” option (press it)


(3) Log into your FunPix account if you have not done so already

(4) In the upper right hand corner, there are three dots, press those three dots.


(5) Select “Scan Barcode.”


(6) When the barcode scanner appears on your screen, you can now scan the QR Code on the placard in front of you.


(7) Upon doing so, you will have access to a number of new borders, and you can then easily take a photo right from your phone and apply the border of your choice.

(8) That’s it. Your new photo is now automatically uploaded to your FunPix account and is ready toshare with your friends and family!

This new bonus of sorts is really cool. There is one downfall that I see with this system, and maybe it is just something that I have not figured out how to get around just yet. It appears that park goers with FunPix have to scan the QR Code on the placard(s) in the park in order to bring up the set of borders. Initially, I thought scanning the QR Code once would actually UNLOCK those borders and thereby save them within your FunPix account via the smartphone app to be used at a later time in the park. Instead, it appears to be a single-use system. So, if I want to take more than one photo, it appears that I will have to repeat the process. On the other hand, it is likely that there are other placards with these QR Codes to get the bonus borders throughout the park, but, since it is new still, the locations have not been loaded into any system (i.e. the theme park app). We asked the folks at Knott’s FunPix station at the front of the park if they had a list of these locations, and they basically mentioned that, since the system is still very new, an official list of the placards is not currently available. However, they gave hope that there might be a list coming soon. For now, enjoy the park and the hunt for these cool bonus borders.


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