Mohawks downed by Redmen 48-6

Northwest’s Garrett Rowe (15) looks for options on advancing the ball during their game against Southeastern Friday night.

The Rock Hill Redmen scalped the Northwest Mohawks 48-6 in Friday night’s week two non-conference match-up played at Northwest.

The Redmen started out the game with jovial offense. They made it quickly clear that they were out to have some fun. They scored two touchdowns in the first quarter.

The Mohawks started the game with some trouble keeping the ball. They had several fumbles, with many recovered by Rock Hill. This has been seen of the Mohawks all season, who had 7 turnovers to Coal Grove and another turnover last week against Southeastern. Rock Hill were prepared as defense were quick to steal the ball through turnovers and interceptions.

Mohawk Coach Doug Montavon was quick to give credit to Rock Hill, calling them the better team. However, he was proud of his players for keeping the score close until the second half of the game. “Garrett Rowe made some excellent passes. Even though there were some dropped balls, he was moving the ball along the field,” Montavon stated.

By the second half of the game, the Mohawks were unable to stop the Redmen. With three touchdowns in the third quarter, Rock Hill were pulling away from the grasps of the Mohawks. The fourth quarter started with a running clock. The Redmen finished the game with a final touchdown with only two minutes remaining on the clock.

With such a young team, Northwest still struggles as players are also learning the roles on the field and training to act quickly without thinking. As a result, throughout the night players on the field were watching the play and walking along the field, with the team being led by a select few more veteran players. Of those is quarterback Austin Jenkins, who carried the team. “Austin Jenkins, a usual, ran the ball hard,” Montavon commented. The Mohawks graduated 15 seniors and so are a learning team this season.

Jenkins explained that his teammates knew they were going to be playing a “better, stronger team.” He was proud of the effort put forth by his team. “We played a great game today,” Jenkins stated. “Everyone gave it all they got.” He added that he was really happy with how the offensive line stepped up. Jenkins explained that the team has a long way to go, stating they specifically need to get the plays right and run plays smoothly.

The Mohawks have also had several injuries this season. They had four starters out before this week’s game. In their battle against the Redmen, Northwest may have lost two more players to injury. Montavon explained that both players will be getting checked out. The significance of their injuries should be known by Monday.

Still early in the season, Montavon has hope for the outcome of the Mohawks. “We plan on getting better. The goal is to hit the conference running,” said Montavon.

Next week Rock Hill will take their strength up against the Oak Hill Oaks, who lost this week to the Minford Falcons (14-16).

Northwest will will be facing the Huntington Huntsmen at Huntington. Kick off will be at 7:30 p.m.

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