My Otaku Life! 20th Anniversary Edition! Otaku HuntikFan1017

20 Years Ago Today , I watch anime for the first time ever and #Toonami first broadcast on Cartoon Network! My first ever anime I watched was Voltron and its looks amazing! It was the best night of my life! Over the 20 years as an otaku I’ve watched DBZ / Dragon Ball / One Piece / Pokemon / Digimon / Fairy Tail / Sonic / Huntik / Much More Awesome Anime! I started watching anime since I was 2 years old almost 3 and it’s changed my autism life over the years! Anime and Gaming is awesome! Also Twitch Gaming Streaming Site has helped my social skills for autism since 2012! My first anime convention was at Louisville KY at Pokecon in July 2013 and it was an blast! Next Month I’ll be attending my 10th anime convention at Shumatsucon in Columbus Ohio! I like to give thanks to my family , twitch , @Kintinue . @wgrates , Toonami Crew, and you for making my special needs life amazing! Here to the next 20 years to my otaku life! #HuntikOtaku20th