Just Announced – #Huntik@PAXEast2018 aka my first ever PAX in HuntikFan1017’s History – Friday April 6th 2017

Huntik@PAXEast2018 Promo

WE DID IT FOLKS! I’ll be attending PAX East 2018 in Boston MA on Friday April 6 2018! So Excited for it! Lucasville Ohio have been waiting for this for an long time since I became an member of Twitch back in 2012! Been waiting for an PAX my entire life! So Pump and Happy Right Now! We’re going to make history on April 6th! We may take an greyhound bus over to Boston from Columbus Ohio! We’re going to celebrate this for an long time and over the next 5 months leading over to PAX East 2018! It will be my first ever PAX in HuntikFan1017’s History! Hope everything will be okay and be awesome in Boston than that disaster that happen at Matsuricon 2017 about 3 months ago! We still got 5 more months to go before we experience PAX for the first time! Plus i got Special Olympics Basketball over January and February! Great 5 Months Are Coming Folks!


Otaku HuntikFan1017

Lucasville Ohio